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At Thomas Holmes DDS, we understand a dentist’s office isn’t everyone’s idea of a great time. However, our office is pleasant, the staff is friendly, and the dentist experienced. In short, a visit isn’t like, well, pulling teeth, but we can do that along with many other dental services. We all want a great, bright, and white smile. Unfortunately—as hard as we may try—it isn’t always attainable by brushing and flossing (although you should still be doing that). Our dental hygienists will thoroughly, and with as little discomfort as possible, clean your teeth. If you’d like an even better smile, we offer cosmetic dentistry services such as lumineers, teeth whitening, invisalign. Aside from those procedures, we provide other quality services as well, including fillings, dental implants, and crowns. As a member of the Universal City, TX community we strive to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. We have patients from Judson to San Antonio. We’d love for you to join our community.

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